Ronald Alimpa Back On His Feet After Surviving Fatal Accident

After Lady Grace, a fellow musician, lost her life in a fatal vehicle accident, singer Ronald Alimpa is back on his feet. On his way to Semuto for a concert, the vocalist of “Lusuku lwa Seminti” was engaged in a fatal car accident and had his legs broken.

Co-musicians Lady Grace, Kabuye Sayyid, Ragga Fire, and his brother were among those whose lives were lost in the accident. Since that time, the singer has been receiving specific medical care in the hospital; it wasn’t until Monday, when he released a video through social media while standing up, that he gave his fan base hope for a quick recovery.

Alimpa has been in the media while at the hospital for a variety of reasons, one of which has not been positive. Ronald called Alimpa’s mother a hypocrite, and then his family accused Hassan Nduga of robbing Alimpa of her money. As a result, Hassan Nduga entered the recording studio and created the song Tebayambika, which he dedicated to Ronald Alimpa and his family, who did not thank him for saving his life but instead attacked him.

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Alimpa, however, apologized to everyone he had offended, including Hassan Nduga, his mother Mama Fiina, and numerous others. We hope you recover quickly, Alimpa.

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