Chicago Fire Offer Credit For New Fans Ahead of Inter Miami Clash

Chicago Fire Offer Credit For New Fans Ahead of Inter Miami Clash

Chicago Fire, gearing up for their MLS showdown against Inter Miami on Wednesday, have made an enticing offer to their fans. With more than 61,000 tickets already sold for the game at Soldier Field, anticipation is running high. However, there’s a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the match, as Lionel Messi, Inter Miami’s star player and a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, might be sidelined due to injury.

In a bid to keep the fans’ spirits high, Chicago Fire is extending a financial incentive. They will provide a $250 (£207) credit for “new memberships for the 2024 season” or $50 (£41) credit for “single-game ticket buyers.” What’s noteworthy is that this offer stands, regardless of which players take the pitch.

A statement from Chicago Fire reflects their thoughtful approach: “While we don’t yet know the official status of Lionel Messi’s availability for our match tomorrow, as there’s never a guarantee that an athlete will play on any given night due to several factors, we understand that many of our fans may be disappointed if they don’t get the chance to see him play.”

The club is equally excited to welcome newcomers to Soldier Field, aiming to create an unforgettable fan-focused atmosphere. This gesture mirrors their commitment to making every fan’s experience memorable, whether or not Messi graces the field.

As Chicago Fire strives to surpass their highest attendance record at Soldier Field, set at 37,122 in 1998 against LA Galaxy, Messi Mania is reaching a crescendo. Despite Messi’s recent limited appearances for Inter Miami, his presence remains a magnet for soccer enthusiasts. The clash between Chicago Fire and Inter Miami MLS giants promises an evening of anticipation, excitement, and, hopefully, Messi magic.

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