Pallaso Buys Brand New Mercedes Benz

Singer Pius Mayanja, also known as Pallaso, of Team Good Music, has celebrated his achievements by purchasing a brand-new Mercedes Benz on Thursday. Due to his long-term commitment to his craft, Pallaso stated in May that he would be raising his performance fees from Shs10m to Shs15m to Shs20m (about USD5,500).

In recent years, Pallaso has focused heavily on sponsorship agreements in addition to concerts and online music streaming, and his life has improved as a result. He seems to be in good financial standing right now, and based on his daily internet postings, he just moved into a new residence.

“Just Copped a New Benz today. The Beamer was lonely. Hard work don’t Lie. Please leave a congrats message if u happy for the Boy,” he said in the caption of a picture of himself perched on one of his vehicles. His fans and other celebs gladly welcomed his disclosure and offered them congratulations on his new find.

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Lydia Jazmine said, “Welcome to the Benz family,” followed by Chameleone‘s “Ngoyagala abateesi gula Benziii.”

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