Video: The Ghetto Kids Thrilled For Performing In FIFA World Cup

The Ghetto Kids Thrilled For Performing In FIFA World Cup

The Ghetto Kids, a dance troupe in Uganda created in 2014 by Duoda Kavuma, are overcome with emotion after participating in some of the events that were held in Qatar in advance of the FIFA World Cup 2022. They claim that the encounters with famous football players and other influential people from across the globe were different from the perception that nothing was genuine.

“The experience has been amazing including challenges like performing for the FIFA president, Kagame president of Rwanda, Mother of the president of Qatar and Senegalese president was a VVIP and so good,” according to Kavamua.

Kavuma, speaking on behalf of The Ghetto Kids, noted that it all began with one of their Instagram videos that went viral online and demanded that Qatar tourism invite them for a performance during the World Cup.

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 “We started with our Instagram video that we did and circulated online. Then Qatar tourism and Generation amazing watched it and sent us an email inviting us for a performance at FIFA World Cup,” he said.

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