Zari Hassan Opens On Meeting With Shakib Cham’s Parents

Socialite Zari Hassan and her lover Shakib Lutaaya have been making news ever since they met at the airport last week. The two lovers are getting ready for the Zari All White Party, which will take place on December 22 and be attended by a number of celebrities.

Zari Hassan was questioned by reporters about her connection with her new lover Shakib, who is twelve years her junior. Since Shakib is older than 18, she stated she has no problem with the age difference in their relationship and observed that those who are critical of the relationship are using unfair comparisons since no one objects when a guy her age dates a young woman.

The mother of five replied in the positive when asked whether she had any aspirations of having children with Shakib. She reiterated that she will do so when the moment was appropriate and insisted that she was not being pressured by the media. Additionally, Zari stated that she even got to meet Shakib’s parents, who are quite happy with how their relationship is developing.

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“Yeah, I met his parents. He took me to his family and friends and they were all nice to me. I will give birth but not because of public pressure.” Hassan Zari

Shakib continued by promising that marriage rites, including the Nikka ceremony and the exchange of vows and rings, will take place in 2023.

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