Police Rescues Two Cows And Goats From A Speeding Stolen Car

This past Saturday at Nsangi on the Kampala-Masaka route, a group of police flying squad officers stopped a stolen saloon car that was allegedly transporting stolen cows and goats. Police said that a Toyota Ipsum with the license plate UAP 853S was traveling at a fast rate of speed and had what seemed to be a cow leg hanging out of the boot when the flying squad team, who were on routine patrol along the busy route, spotted it.

Speaking on behalf of the Kampala Metropolitan Police, Patrick Onyango stated that despite the officers’ best efforts, the driver of the speeding car was unable to slow down. After a brief chase, the squad decided to pursue the car, forcing its occupants to get out and flee into the wilderness.

“A search was conducted and it contained two cows and two goats. It was then towed to Nateete police station for further management,” Patrick Onyango claimed.

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Onyango reported that a woman named Caroline Kajungu, who lives in the Kikumbi zone of the Bunamwaya parish of Makindiye Sabagabo, went to the police and claimed that the car is hers and that it was taken from her house on November 19.

She reported the theft to Katwe police division under SD REF: 02/19/11/2022, and she also informed the authorities that the vehicle’s registration number at the time of the theft was UAN 476D. The flying squad team received praise from the police for their vigilance and the quick action they took to stop this car, despite the fact that the culprits are still on the run.

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