MC Kats Shares His Experience With HIV/AIDS

Media personality MC Kats has spoken out about his experience with HIV/AIDS, claiming that his family discovered his status before he did. Since MC Kats has been mentioned in the media for more than 15 years, many have assumed that he leads a healthy life and keeps his personal affairs private.

MC Kats, however, was forced to reveal his HIV status due to media reports and fell into a deep melancholy as a result. After overcoming his despair, Kats continued to share his experience in order to motivate other HIV-positive persons.

MC Kats claimed that while his family was aware of his condition but was afraid to inform him directly, he was unaware of it. All they did was buy him medicine and tell him it was for a certain illness.

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“My family was scared to tell me that I had HIV, so they secretly gave me ARV, but lied that it was medication for another disease. When I found out, I was furious but later grateful,” MC Kats.

Following his public disclosure of his HIV/AIDS status in 2019, Kats established an organization to educate young people about the disease and combat stigmatization of youngsters living with it. Since MC Kat is a media star, his foundation has seen tremendous growth.

All five of MC Kats’ children are HIV/AIDS-negative. He has motivated, counseled, and advocated for the younger generation regarding HIV and other related diseases in order to accomplish this. Therefore setting an example with his life.

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