The Kids Are Just Friends – Desire Luzinda On Michelle And Abba Marcus

According to gospel singer Desire Luzinda, Michelle Kaddu and Abba Marcus Mayanja, the son of Jose Chameleone, are not dating. A picture of Abba Marcus Mayanja and Mitchelle Kaddu kissing that went viral online in September gave rise to the rumor that the two were dating.

Abba and Mitchelle had been friends for a while and both remain in the United States of America, but the picture seemed to imply something more than just friendship. In a statement to the media over the weekend, Mitchelle’s mother Desire Luzinda emphasized that the only relationship the two children have is one of friendship.

The two live in a world where it is acceptable for a female to have a male buddy, so she questioned why it is such a huge issue that they are close.

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“The kids are just friends and in the society we live in, a section of people are the ones who make a big deal about a boy and girl relationship. But the society we are living in today is a modern society. There is no problem whatsoever in having a male or female friend,” she said.

A local singer who has showed interest in her daughter was also rebuffed by the woman. It’s important to keep in mind that Victor Ruz has revealed his admiration for Mitchelle.

“If there is someone out there claiming Mitchelle, it is entirely their opinion because Mitchelle is not aware of such claims and I cannot even comment much about it.”

In addition, Desire Luzinda expressed her gratitude to God for her daughter’s development into the person she is today and for their tight bond.

“It’s hard raising a child up to this age so I thank God every morning that He gave me a child who is both my daughter and sister. She became my sister,” Desire Luzinda stated.

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