Mr. Henrie Clears Air About His Relationship With Prima

Despite the manner their relationship ended, Henry Arinitwe, also known as Mr. Henrie, Prima Kardashi’s ex-boyfriend,  claims they are not sworn enemies so they do communicate. After Prima Kardashi dumped her baby daddy Geosteady, Prima Kadarshi started dating the one and only Galaxy FM host Mr. Henrie who have been together for more than a year.

They never held back when it came to showing one another public affection, and their relationship appeared to be going well. All of that, however, came to an end earlier this year, and since then, Prima has reconciled with her child’s father, Geosteady.

There are allegations that Mr. Henrie and Prima are bitter rivals and no longer share the same viewpoints. But Prima recently debunked the rumors at a news conference by asserting that Mr. Henrie is a wonderful man and deserving of good things.

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The Galaxy FM host also observes that there is no animosity between them and that they always greet one another when they cross paths. “Prima and I are not sworn enemies. At the end of the day, she is a human being much as we are not relating anymore,” Mr. Henrie stated on a Galaxy FM program.

“We can talk because I do advertising and she has business so why wouldn’t we talk? I’ve met her several times and I greet her. We talk because there is no bad blood. This is the 21st century,” he continued.

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