Jose Chameleone Reveals New Daughter, Daniella Asserts

Jose Chameleone revealed a secret daughter from one of his previous partnerships to family members, proving the Baganda proverb that you can’t count children for a functional man. Jose Chamileone had a Belgian white woman named Dorotia before dating Daniella Atim, and she gave birth to a girl named Ayla Onsea Mayanja.

The consensus on the internet was that Chameleone had six children: five from Daniella Atim (Abba Marcus, Amma Christian, Alba Shyne, Alfa Joseph) and Xara Amani, and now one from Dorotia (Ayla Onsea Mayanja). He just brought Anna Mayanja, another adult girl, to his family. Anna Mayanja resembles “Jose Chameleone,” without the necessity for DNA.

We’ve seen Anna Mayanja smiling in pictures at church with her grandparents and Pallaso. We now have clear evidence that Chameleone is the father of seven children. A few months ago, Daniella Atim moved to America with her kids in order to protect them from the chaos in Uganda and to teach them not to use drugs. Since moving away as a result of the disputes within the Mayanja family, Daniella has been spitting some not so kind remarks.

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She asserted that the mother of Chameleone has complete authority over her kids and always protects them from their negative behavior. This happened after their mother remained silent as Douglas Mayanja, aka Weasel Manizo, beat his wife to death. Since they all cook for the same family, this gave her the motivation to speak out for the rights of her fellow woman.

Jose Chameleone Reveals New Daughter, Daniella Asserts             Jose Chameleone Reveals New Daughter, Daniella Asserts

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