Jeff Kiwa Fires Sheebah’s Replacement Rahma Pinky

Apparently, TNS boss Jeff Kiwa has lost his cool with Rahma Pinky and sacked her. Nanyanzi Rahmah alias Rahma Pinky is looking for a new manager, according to information from Munyonyo. After parting ways with Sheebah Karungi in December 2021, Jeff put together a group of musicians to take her place, including Rahma Pinky, who was then 17 years old, Sama Sojah, and Diamond Oscar.

There were even suspicions that Jeff Kiwa had signed a new artist as retaliation against Sheebah, but it turned out that Sheebah was even more resilient and prepared to maintain her popularity after the breakup.

Jeff concentrated all of his efforts on promoting Pinky, and in February of this year, she released the six-track album “Seven Teen.” She was getting too old to perform at night. In any case, Pinky became 18 on July 13 and began giving concerts as of that day. Her “Picha” collaboration with Grenade has changed her surroundings.

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Pinky was sacked by Jeff Kiwa over the weekend, and Simo Omunene, a host on Bukedde FM, announced the news. Pinky is currently looking for a new manager. The secret to working with Jeff Kiwa is discipline. He prohibits musicians from loitering, and Sheebah and the Good Lyfe fell under this restriction. Simo claims that Pinky began smuggling people into her apartment and smoking shisha.

She would also run away and frequent bars. She was fired by Jeff Kiwa because she violated his rules and regulations. After signing Rahma Pinky, a lot was stated. After bringing Sheebah to fame and accomplishing a variety of things for her in terms of her career and success, Jeff Kiwa started to lose faith in his ability to manage Rahma Pinky as Sheebah moved forward. Now that Rahma Pinky has only been a part of TNS for a short while, Jeff Kiwa is unable to keep up with her despite the encouragement he has given her and the gradual rise to stardom he has helped her achieve, just as he did for Sheebah.

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