Precious Remmie To Deal With Whoever Abused Her Mother

Media personality and NBS presenter after her mother was abused by followers on social media, Precious Remmie sobbed in front of the camera. Precious Remmie was enjoying her 30th birthday, which she brought to the village to share with her mother, at the time this incident occurred.

Remmie has been emotionally affected by some hate-filled fans who have attacked her mother and called her a grandma in an attempt to upset her. Precious Remmie claims that since she lost her father years ago, her mother has been her entire world.

Precious Remmie broke down in tears during an interview because she felt that when she posted pictures of her mother on social media, trolls took the opportunity to humiliate her and abuse her. Emotional Precious Remmie claimed that she is not happy and that she finds it incomprehensible that her mother is referred to as a grandma by such callous individuals.

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Remmie declared that a person who abuses her mother is the worst kind of person, and she is not going to put up with it any longer. Instead, she will deal with haters one at a time until they learn proper behavior. The emotional Remmie argued that since she and her mother have come a long way, people should honor that and permit them to enjoy their last years together.

“Some people think having data of UGX 500 can make them say whatever they want, I swore to God that I will d1e with someone who says something bad about my mother, if you want peace with me, you don’t talk about my mother because you don’t know where she has gotten me from, my mother is my everything,” Precious Remmie claimed.

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