Ruger, Costa Titch To Return To Uganda On New Year’s Eve

Both Nigerian wonder boy Ruger and South African artist Costa Titch are scheduled to appear in Uganda once again on New Year’s Eve this month. Costa Tsobanoglou, often known as Costa Titch, is a South African rapper and composer who was also a dancer. He was born in 1995.

Since his debut, his distinctive brand of rapping and dancing has made him well-known across the continent and beyond. On July 16, 2022, he performed in Uganda with Adekunle Gold at the Club Dome Experience, which took place at the Lugogo Cricket Oval. On the other side, Ruger, actual name Michael Adebayo Olayinka, also performed in Uganda at the same location in February.

On December 31, 2022, at the Garden City rooftop, the two artists Ruger and Costa Titch will return to Uganda courtesy of Kash Events. The performance would provide a novel idea in Uganda’s entertainment sector, according to the organizers, who are relatively new to the field.

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According to Kash Events, “We are newcomers in the industry but pioneers in the entrepreneurship world reason we are ambitiously envisioned to giving revelers more for their money’s worth come this historic day,”

At the occasion, which will also include a number of local artists, they pledge to put on a top-notch production and ground-breaking performances. Sheila Gashumba will serve as the event’s host, and it will include deejays Vee, Fame, and Maker Breaker as well as performers Vinka, Kataleya, and Kandle, among others who will be named in the following weeks.

Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman Manrick split up during Ruger’s last trip to Uganda. This happened as a result of pressure from social media, which made it known that Sheila had played bedminton with sniper Ruger. However, the couple has recently rekindled their romance, and Ruger is returning to Uganda. I hope he doesn’t take Sheilah’s possessions from Rickman and another relationship ends.

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