Sipapa And Wife Remanded Back to Kitalya Prison

After being sentenced to Kitalya prisons until January 19, 2023, controversial city socialite Charles Olim alias Sipapa and his wife Shamirah Rukia Nakiyemba a.k.a. Sasha Shamirah are expected to spend the holiday season behind bars. This came when the government prosecutor increased the number of cases against the socialite and his wife from six to twelve by adding six more counts to the original six.

Money laundering is one of the six new crimes that have been added to Sipapa’s list of offenses. The government’s attorney alleged that after Sipapa stole the funds, he used them to purchase various goods and real estate for his home. According to Sipapa’s attorney, Mr. Geoffrey Tulyamusiima, the complaints brought against Sipapa are not particularly challenging to manage since no one is holding him responsible for the claims.

Additionally, Sipapa’s attorney asked the Makindye court judge to order the police to return his client’s passport and national identification card, which were confiscated from his residence while he was incarcerated. He worries that his client’s papers may be utilized for other criminal purposes. Five months precisely have passed since Sipapa’s arrest and related events.

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“Today marks the 5th month since Sipapa and the wife were arrested on charges related to aggravated robbery. The government prosecutor claimed that there fresh and new charges that they have added to the charge sheet. The first charges were six which were split with the main case being aggravated robbery. Today they added six other charges, which now totals 12 cases. Among the fresh charges include money laundering saying when he stole the money, he bought many different items like cars. They also went to his home and took each and everything saying they confiscated the property to act as their evidence.” Geoffrey Tulyamusiima

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