Viola Nakitende Goes Dumb On Reasons Why They Parted Ways With Diggy Baur

Nearly four months have passed since local singer Viola Nakitende cut ties with Diggy Baur, her former employer and manager. After nearly four years of collaboration, the two parted ways. Baur had paved the singer’s path from the underground to the spotlight.

He wrote and produced many of her songs, including Tosiimula, Toyuga, and Taata Bulaamu, which helped launch her career in music. Even though Viola Nakitende denied the allegations, there were rumors the two were dating because she was purported to be pregnant for Diggy Baur. When Viola Nakitende suddenly lost consciousness on stage during a performance at Nyondo club, Baur was blamed for overworking the singer despite the fact that she was reportedly three months pregnant.

Further rumors claimed that Nakitende and Baur’s wife, Diana, were at odds. However, all was cleared up when Nakitende took to her social media accounts to refute the claims. Since the two parted ways as coworkers, Nakitende has been pressed to explain why she left Diggy Baur’s management, but she has opted to keep quiet.

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She merely disclosed that she reportedly collaborates with Rush B Entertainment, a group that is supporting and marketing her musical career. She also expressed her gratitude to Baur for the time and effort he had put into building her brand and for his care and attention. She continued by saying that she is unmarried and not looking.

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