Ykee Benda Releases Concert Dates for 2023

Wycliff Tugume, a.k.a. Ykee Benda, a vocalist for Mpaka Records, has announced that he will perform in the middle of 2019. At the Kampala Serena Hotel on March 29, 2019, Ykee Benda performed a popular event titled the “Singa Concert.”

Before Covid-19 shook the nation, everything about the concert—the turnout, the performances, the organization—was a dream come true for Ykee. The Nkufeelinga singer intends to continue along the same path with still another performance in 2023, more than three years later.

Ykee Benda revealed via his social media channels that his performance will take place on May 13th, 2023. The announcement has been well greeted by Ugandan music aficionados despite the fact that further information regarding the location has not been made public. Over eight music projects, including a few collaborations with other artists, have been released by Ykee this year alone.

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You would think that by May of the following year, the number would have significantly risen, and we are eager to learn more about his pre-event activities.

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