Prof. Gilbert Bukenya Expresses His Love For Young Girls

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, a former vice president of Uganda, has explained why he enjoys partying and being around young females more than his peers of his own age. Bukenya claims that he wants to experience the modern energy. He likes the youthful, wild, and free youth and is a party animal.

The 72-year-old retired politician said in an exclusive interview with Urban TV on Tuesday morning that the only way to pull kids away from the stage of fixation is to get them closer to him so he can reconstruct his old thoughts and counsel them with his old developmental concepts.

“I like to associate with the young, it helps me to keep my brain alert rather than my age mates who are destined to spread negative vibes; paining knees, backaches among others. They also awaken my old ideas as I also give them ideas to help them grow.” according to Prof. Bukenya.

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Nearly every Ugandan is aware of his lengthy history of leading an incredible life, but the former vice president has been struggling ever since he lost his adored son, Brian Bukenya, who passed away in a car accident a few years ago.

It should be noted that Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya and his ex-wife Dr. Margret Mary Musoke Bukenya concluded their divorce last year. Following the revelation, the seasoned politician said he regretted being married and wished he had spent his youth working for a living. In a recent interview with Sanyuka TV‘s Anna Talia Oze, Bukenya said that many individuals find marriage to be a waste of time.

“Leave alone the things that you see out there that when you get married it is forever and ever. We had different lifestyles and realised we were not compatible hence agreed to separate, she is happy and I am also happy, a free man, If I were to go back in age, I would never get married, I would spend my entire life and energy making money.” Bukenya observed.

Dr. Margret Mary Musoke Bukenya filed a case with the High Court in 2019 asking for the dissolution of her 45-year marriage to Bukenya due to adultery. Bukenya was accused by Margret of cheating on their marriage and having many extramarital affairs.

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