Gospel Singer Levixone Fed Up Of Media Not Playing Gospel Music

Levixone, a gospel artiste whose actual name is Sam Lucas Lubyogo, has criticized the media, particularly radios, for disparaging gospel music and speaking poorly of gospel singers. In his early years as a street child living without a roof over his head or food to eat like everyone else, Levixone began making music. He worked hard to get into the music business and was successful. His career took off after entering the studios since his song became a success and everyone learned about him.

Levixone hasn’t turned back since when it comes to performing gospel music. He stands out from other gospel artistes since he performs on stages among musicians from various genres. In Uganda, the media consistently ignores gospel artistes and their music. They claim that since people are not interested in their music, it cannot be played on the media like this global music.

In an effort to get his message over to the media, Levixone has become an advocate for other gospel artistes. He claims he is fed up with battling the media for airtime for Christian music. Levixone claims that whenever he approaches the media with another gospel artiste, they constantly back away, apologizing that the music can’t be aired. This irritates him.

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He continued by saying that media figures had to cease acting like they are superior than gospel artists. This is due to the fact that the song they sing is excellent. It must be even greater since it conveys a powerful message that has the power to transform lives in a single day.

“I am tired of fighting with the media to give gospel music airplay. In fact, there are some media personalities especially those on radio who I have heard trashing gospel music and that annoys me so much. People should know Gospel music is also good music. It is even better than the secular music that they give airplay every day. I want things to change,” Levixone chanted.

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