Kabaya Shares His Experience With Weed, You Won’t Believe What He Revealed

Kabaya, a member of the Firebase crew, has stated that becoming addicted to smoking marijuana is detrimental to the human psyche.

He emphasizes that he has tried multiple times to stop ingesting harmful chemicals, but he constantly relapses.

Kabaya, who also raises poultry on a huge scale, says that cannabis has caused him a number of troubles, including being arrested and incarcerated.

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Another issue he’s had with weed is that it causes him to forget things he always has to do.

He adds that he occasionally has his phone in his hand but forgets and starts looking for it in different areas. After, only to realize later that he has it in his hands.

He added that if he establishes a timetable with someone and does not get reminded frequently, he usually forgets everything.

Following the heartbreaking video of rapper Keko, who appeared in a live video while in a bad state, Kabaya opened out about his experience with weed.

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