Pallaso Set Dates For His Country Wide Tour After Full Lockdown Lift

Singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso will be doing his country wide tour immediately when the country’s economy is fully opened. However, Pallaso is said to start from Kyadondo Rugby Grounds according to DJ Roja.

For reasons that the public is well aware of, the venue Kyadondo rugby grounds does not bring singer Puis Mayanja alias Pallaso fond memories.

Despite the fact that the entertainment industry’s stringent restrictions are about to open up, Pallaso plans to kick off his countrywide music tour. From the same venue where he lost a lot of money after his flopped “Soma” concert in 2017.

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According to deejay Roger Kitaka a.k.a. DJ Roja, Pallaso wants to start his tour from Kampala in order to make amends with the venue for the damages, shame, and bruises it caused him.

“I was talking to @McPallaso and he told me that he has an upcoming tour across the country, and that it’ll start from Kyadondo Grounds where he once had a flopped show.” DJ Roja said while on NBS After 5

See Pallaso Dates and Areas to tour

We anticipate a positive start to Pallaso’s countrywide music tour, given his two years of excellent music.

The dates for his tour have yet to be announce. But we are hopeful that he will inform his fans and followers as soon as possible.

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