Video: Sheilah Gashumba Allegedly Cheating on Rickman With Different Men

Relationship is difficult to maintain, this is evidenced when Sheilah Gashumba is pinned to be cheating on boyfriend Rickman Manrick. The After 5 presenter Sheilah Gashumba is allegedly exposed by blogger Ritah Kaggwa, a UK based.

She reveals that Sheilah engages in intercourse with different men whenever she goes to Dubai. In addition, She continues that Sheilah sleeps with her Ex-boyfriend Face Off on her trip to South Africa. Following these allegation, Ritah pins it with video evidence which she says she will expose.

She says that not only those, but Sheilah also bonked with the President of Uganda Boxing Federation Moses Muhangi in a car.

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“You travel to South Africa to sleep with Face Off. I even have a video of you in a car engaging in intercourse with Moses Muhangi. It was your friends you were with that recorded you who were standing outside. Whenever you go to Dubai, you engage in intercourse with different men. You are a very dirty girl and I have all the evidence to pin you. You don’t love Rickman but just front him for publicity stunts,” Ritah Kaggwa said in a Snapchat video.

Download Video of Sheilah Gashumba here cheating on Rickman

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