Keko Resurfaces On Social Media, Her Appearance Leaves Many Shocked | Video

Keko, a rapper, hasn’t been seen on social media in a long time. The last time we heard from her was in 2019, when she stated that she was drugged and raped on her graduation day by unidentified individuals.

Many people are concerned after seeing the once-booming artist in a sad situation in a live Instagram video.

The “Make You Dance” hitmaker was shown in the video unbothered while sipping her vodka and smoking at the same time, despite her disordered hair and peeling face skin.

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Her position appeared to be dire because she didn’t resemble herself at all.

Keko, who appeared to be inebriated, could be heard claiming that she has a girlfriend who takes her breath away, but her microphone was unplugged minutes later and she didn’t even realize it.

Fans were spotted in the comments area pleading with her to quit smoking and go to rehab to get back on her feet, but she ignored their pleas and gave them the middle finger.

Sheilah Gashumba, a TV presenter, was among the numerous Ugandans who flocked to the rapper’s comment area to suggest her to go to rehab. She later resorted to Twitter and sought her fans for assistance.

Somebody needs to help KEKO!! If you go on Instagram and watch her LIVE video , you will stay away from drugs!! Sheilah posted a tweet.

Keko in the Video

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