St. Nelly-Sade Comes Out Again For His Rap Up Song | Audio

St. Nelly-sade, a Ugandan rapper, wraps up the previous year in a song at the start of each new year, and the “2021 Rap Up” is out.

“Rap Up” by St. Nelly-sade Nsubuga is frequently a mash-up of the year’s trends, jargons, and news, packaged in a hilarious body of work.

The music world has embraced his previous projects, and for an artist who doesn’t release many songs throughout the year, the “Rap Up” is always eagerly anticipated.

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The “Rap Up 2021,” produced by Yung Jey Basalesale. Released on January 3rd, 2022, features the events that rocked the gossip circles throughout the year of 2021.

With his trademark hilarious and catchy flow, St. Nelly-sade once again demonstrates why he commands respect among the many rappers who rap in Luganda.

The comic opening of the song grabs your attention in the first 20 seconds before the rapper dives into the year’s many events.

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He goes over the tensions surrounding the January presidential elections, Bobi Wine’s bulletproof car, Bishop Stanley Ntagali’s saga, the Gulu retreat, Janzi Awards, OS Suna’s saga, and the Bomb attacks, among other things.

Rap Up 2021 By St. Nelly-Sade

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