Precious Remmie Dismisses Pregnancy Speculations

Precious Remmie, a media celebrity, has denied speculations that she is pregnant for her husband Raymond Bindeeba.

Precious Remmie Nakitto was said to be extremely pregnant with her then-new catch, Raymond Bindeeba, in November 2021.

The speculations were prompted by a video on her Instagram account that appeared to reveal a baby belly when she was receiving a gift of a painting.

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The allegations were fueled further by images on her social media sites that appeared to imply that she had gained weight around her stomach.

Remmie, on the other hand, promptly sought to put a stop to the rumors by posting images of her flat tummy, but her followers refused to believe her.

Precious Remmie published more photographs of her flat tummy in a mysterious social media post on Wednesday, with the caption:

“Banange am I still pregnant oba??kuba nange binsobede,”
Precious Remmie inquired.

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As others shared their adoration for her body, her supporters were eager to call out those who peddled the bogus accusations last year.

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