Reasons Why SK Mbuga and Vivienne Have Harshly Divorced

The marriage of Kampala businessman SK Mbuga and his stunning wife Jalia Vivienne Mbuga reportedly came to an end in tears. At least five years have passed since SK Mbuga and Vivian’s marriage was blessed with a kid. Along with the children the tycoon fathered from his prior relationship, they have been together.

Even though he was still seeing singer Leila Kayondo, SK Mbuga wed Vivienne. Recent allegations made by Kayondo against SK Mbuga include that he has been attempting to enter her residence and paying her money in an effort to bring them back together. Vivienne and SK Mbuga’s marriage has been on and off due to problems. Vivienne is believed to have ended things, though.

According to social media speculations, Vivian has been living outside her marital home for months, and their breakup was caused by several women that Mbuga had been dating.

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“I have learned that Vivienne and SK Mbuga are no longer living together as a married couple. They had been apart for some months, and cheating is to blame. Although the information has not yet been verified, it is currently circulating,” according to NBS’ Kayz.

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