Andrew Mwenda Fighting For His Life, Rushed To Hospital

A weird illness has left renowned journalist Andrew Mwenda bedridden once again at Mulago hospital. One of his relatives and close friends, Hon Margret Muhanga, posted information about his illness on social media.

Muhanga claims that Andrew Mwenda, who had severe vomiting when he was taken to the hospital, is now gradually recovering. She even made light of the fact that she believed Andrew Mwenda was expecting a child and ended up wishing him speedy recovery.

“Visited the old man ⁦@AndrewMwenda⁩ at Mulago Hosp where he was rushed this afternoon following severe vomiting. I suspected he could be pregnant only to find he’s suffering from Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism🙊. Get well soon grandpa,” Margaret Muhanga.

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Mwenda had previously been brought to the hospital when critically ill. Years ago, he was hospitalized once again for illness.

Andrew Mwenda Bio

The Independent, a newsmagazine covering current events, was founded and is owned by Ugandan print, radio, and television journalist Andrew Mwenda (born 1972). Prior to that, he served as the political editor of The Daily Monitor, a daily newspaper published in Uganda, and he hosted Andrew Mwenda Live on KFM Radio in Kampala, the country’s capital.

Mwenda was born in 1972 in Fort Portal, Kabarole District, in the Western Region of Uganda. His father is Mzee Phillip Muhanga of Fort Portal. The top UPDF military officer Major General Kayanja Muhanga’s younger brother is Mwenda.

Mwenda is a well-known African voice in the international discussion about the shortcomings of foreign assistance to Africa and the necessity for trade and investment as drivers of progress. He often speaks at conferences all around the globe and is a TED speaker.

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