Police arrests over 200 girls in Kampala.

As the saying goes, “East to West, home is the best.” this has changed for many Ugandan youths, a number of young Ugandans have left their mother land Uganda for outside countries in claims to go for work.

Yesterday, the police of Uganda arrested over 200 girls in Kampala waiting to go abroad for work. These girls have been sleeping in three houses but with 3-4 girls per mattress.

Police with some of the arrested girls
Police with some of the arrested girls

According to the girls, they accused police for interrupting with their opportunity to go abroad for work. They claim that there are no more jobs in Uganda today yet they have responsibilities.

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Where the girls have been sleeping
Where the girls have been sleeping

“I am a teacher but since President Museveni announced the closure of schools, I don’t have anywhere to earn money, I have two kids and I am a single mother. I decided to go abroad so that I can work for my children.” One girl alarmed.

Covid-19 in Uganda has accelerated the unemployment rate in Uganda following the many youths on streets looking for jobs. This has called many companies which claim to take people abroad to work to emerge. The most countries where these youths are taken are mostly Asian and Arab countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and many more.

Furthermore, many Ugandans have lost their lives in these countries due to the abusive bosses. In addition, there are also claims that some of these youths especially the girls are taken to sleep with dogs.

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In conclusion, we need to pray for our country since its the youths that grow the country. The country has lost many potential doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, and many others. These people have left for outside countries leaving Uganda at stake.

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