Pastor Bugingo refuses his followers to be vaccinated, he is warned by Minister Kyofatogabye.


It’s alleged that pastor Bugingo refused his followers to be vaccinated.

Minister of state Minister Kyofatogabye warns Pastor Bugingo for refusing his followers to be vaccinated against Covid 19.

This was during the interview with CBS radio on Monday. During the Sunday service, the house of prayer ministries international (HPMI) leader Pastor Aloysius Bugingo. He told his followers not to be vaccinated against Covid 19 since he doesn’t believe in the drugs.

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This raised the minister’s rage saying he is very disappointed in such leaders who are misleading people over their health. The minister therefore promised to held meetings over what the Pastor Bugingo statements.

During his speech on Wednesday, the President of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni addressed the nation.

During the nation address, the President opened up the places of worship. He said that the SOPs should be followed and only 200 people should be allowed in the church per service.

There must be strict adherence to all SOPs at all times ie handwashing/use  of alcohol based sanitisers, temperature monitoring and consistent wearing of face masks by all congregants including the preachers and choir,” the President said in a televised address.

However, the minister of state said that he was disappointed when they carried out a survey on Sunday. But the people could not follow the rules.

He said, “Yesterday, we tried to monitor the operations of places of worship however we were disappointed that some churches did not do as they were ordered to do although most of them tried to abide by the law. But Pr. Bugingo of all people disappointed me for telling his people not to go for vaccinations yet the presidential directives were very clear directing them to encourage their people to go for Covid-19 vaccination.”

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