Government to give 1,600 students study loan.


The government of Uganda has called upon students to apply for Students Loan across the whole nation.

The government therefore is scheduled to give 1,600 Ugandan students who are financially unable. The loan is to support themselves to pursue the Higher Education study loan. These students should be in the recognised Ugandan Higher Education Institutions. The exercise for students loan will start next week.

However, the government called for financially unstable students to continue with their education through these loans.

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In his words, “the Communication Manager of the Higher Education Students Financing Board (HESFB) Bob Nuwagira says the application exercise starts on Monday next week.” In addition, the exercise will go on up-to the end of November.

Nuwagira continues to explain that, due to Covid 19, students will apply for these loans online. But because of the problem with the internet, the government has put 16 points/centers to help students apply.

The student’s study loans only covers undergraduate students to pursue diplomas, degrees and continuing students in final year.

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Students will have to apply earlier for them not to miss out on these study loans.

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