Pastor Bugingo refuses his followers to be vaccinated, he is warned by Minister Kyofatogabye.

It’s alleged that pastor Bugingo refused his followers to be vaccinated. Minister of state Minister Kyofatogabye warns Pastor Bugingo for refusing his followers to be vaccinated against Covid 19. This was during the interview with CBS radio on Monday. During the Sunday service, the house of prayer ministries international (HPMI) leader Pastor Aloysius Bugingo. He…

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Bijambiya goons warns People of Jinja.

It’s been just weeks when the people of Masaka were terrorised by the Bijambiya people. These people have killed many people even in other districts like Mityana, Kasese and many other districts in Uganda. As you know these people always first leave anonymous letters warning those people who they are going to kill. Now it…

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