Bijambiya goons warns People of Jinja.

It’s been just weeks when the people of Masaka were terrorised by the Bijambiya people. These people have killed many people even in other districts like Mityana, Kasese and many other districts in Uganda.

As you know these people always first leave anonymous letters warning those people who they are going to kill.

Now it has come to the people of Wanyange in Jinja district that have received these anonymous letter. These people threaten people’s lives and often kill them without giving clear reasons to why they kill them.

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To ensure that they do their work successfully

These people have warned the police in Wanyange to stop their operations at 9pm.

The youths of Wanyange should join their cause either by force or peacefully.

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One of the old men should give them what they need when asked for.

The people of Wanyange should not in any case interrupt with these people’s plans.

People are now crying for police help over these, but following what happened in Masaka of recent, police have done their best to keep people’s live. Through deploying their troops all around the district.

Reports have not been provided over these cases across Uganda. It’s now becoming a habit for people to kill others recklessly in Uganda without remorse.

People are cut to peaces by cutting off their arms, legs and their heads and many people die in pain.

Many young people are left orphans due to the murder of their parents by these goons.

The police should do whatever it takes to protect the people of Wanyange against these goons or else the government power will be in jeopardy for failing to protect it’s People.

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