Charles Mwanguhya, New NBS Frontline host warns against fraudsters

Uganda is one of the most African Countries with a lot of fraud on the internet and one the culprits with is NBS’ Frontline host Charles Mwanguhya. Charles reportedly has fake accounts opened up in his name.

After Charles Mwanguhya hosted his first show as the new “The Frontline” host, NBS went ahead and announced the fake account for their worker Charles Mwanguhya. He went ahead and tweeted it himself on his twitter handle and there is a fake account in his name.

He posted: “Some frauds have created a fake account using my name and photo against the background of #NBSFrontline. Please ignore it. Otherwise, I am super grateful for all the love. You are the fuel that drives me on. Thank you.”

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As it is well known by many how fake information, trends on social media platforms, NBS Television is also a victim to have fake accounts which people created for their own agenda. NBS TV has grown its brand, especially in politics by hosting political Personeles in their different programmes. The Frontline is one of the biggest programmes to host Political figures and many fake people one to use them for their Political Agendas.

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Charles Mwanguhya, according to our sources at the Naguru-based media house. It is very hard for some people to believe that someone with a poor background can take over such a big programme like The Frontline. Charles came from a hardly known media house to join NBS TV and now he is hosting a big Programme.

Charles Mwanguhya, on 1st September this year joined Next Media. He had taken about one year and a half without being in active media practices. Charles has been in this line of work for over 20 years with experience in Hosting shows, journalism and production. He currently serves as the Minister of Information in the Kingdom of Tooro and host of “The Frontline.”

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