Aquaman 2 is more complicated than the first movie.

James Wan says aquaman 2 is more complicated than the first movie.

Aquaman, a solo venture for Jason Momma’s Arthur curry, was a major blockbuster for DCEU. It inspired a sequel, Aquaman and the lost kingdom, which is scheduled to release on Dec. 16, 2022.

Now director James Wan has spoken about the movie saying it, “there are more complexities in the aquaman 2 than in the first movie.”

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Wan says that the intricacy is deliberate as the audience is more clever. So figure stuff out easily if there aren’t twist.

Wan’s comments resonates with co-star’s previous statements like, Yahya Abdul-Mateen says that aquaman 2’s script is better.

Similarly, Patrick Wilson also called the new movie, “bigger and better.”

Besides that, Momoa’s involvement in screenwriting also indicated that the movie would be more complex and different.

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