Isma Olaxess released on bail of sh10 million.

Following the arrest of kayz and his friends over OS allegations of abusing him, the president of bloggers Isma Olaxess real name Tusubila Ibrahim went ahead on his blog warning Omulangira Suna. After this information about him abusing OS reached out, the police arrested him yesterday.

But today, the president of the Uganda bloggers association was granted a non-cash bail of sh10m and was released. OS Suna dragged the blogger to court for allegedly accusing him of being. “Tormented by evil spirits, trashing his financial status and others.”

Though the president went in jail last, he just spent a night there while his counterparts Isaac kayz, Brian Wako and Williams Mako have spent four days being bars. They are also facing the same charges of using offensive communication and criminal libel.

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These (Isaac kayz, Brian Wako and Williams Mako) will appear in court tomorrow.

While for Isma Olaxess, he’ll be returning to court soon following the date Court issued him.

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