Jamie Culture real father – My son needs Spiritual cleansing

Many years, Ugandans have been kept behind the curtain about the real father of Jamie Culture. As the saying goes that “if you want to know who your real friends are, get a problem.” For years the legendary singer Kabuye Semboga has been known to be Jamie Culture’s father.

Earlier this week, a man from no where came claiming to be the real father of Jamie Culture. He said that Jamie culture ran from the village after impreginanting neighbor’s girl. When he reached to kampala, Jamie started his singing career. However, as on the way with his career, kabuye semboga was behind him.

This though made many Ugandans to start thinking that kabuye semboga is the real father of jamie Culture. This was not case as came out and said the truth as he is not the real father to Jamie Culture. This followed the too much money for rent that they are demanding him. Kabuye though, cried out loud that even him, he doesn’t have the capacity to help his son.

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Additionally, there are romours that the singer, “Culture” is addicted to drugs. Hence his fellow musicians through Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) had decided to take their collegue and friend to the rehab. In the process, the so caalled real father ran for culture rescue claiming it’s not drugs but clan issues.

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The real father said that Jamie Culture needs to first be taken back home so that they finish up with the clan issue and he will come back to normal. He called it spiritual cleansing.

“My son might be disturbed by clan issues, he needs spiritual cleansing,” real dad cried out.

Jamie has songs like, sabasaliza, smile, Soosa Mukama, Okada man, telukya, and many more.

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