Uganda Communications Commission sets rules on Africell Upon it’s exit from Uganda.

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) under section 4 of the Uganda Communications Commissions Act, 2013(the Act) oversee and regulate the communications sector in Uganda with the mandate to, among others, monitor, inspect, license, supervise, control, promote and safeguard interests of consumers and providers of communications services in Uganda. Recently, Africell Ug announced it’s exit from Uganda’s market of telecommunication following the loss of funds to facilitate its operations in Uganda.

The Finance Minister of Uganda Hon. Matia Kasaija went ahead and advised the telecom company not to exit the market since Ugandans still need their services. Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) confirmed that Africell Ug is exiting the Uganda market after 7 years of operation. Providing communication and telecommunication services to Ugandans.

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Africell Ug started it’s operations in Uganda in 2014 after buying most of the shares from Orange Uganda Limited. The shareholders however, decided to remove their company from Uganda. To focus to other parts of the world since they do not have enough competition advantage here in Uganda.

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But UCC according to its Act and Regulations set some conditions on Africell to satisfy. Before it exits Ugandan communication market. The conditions set intend to ensure that the customers, agents trade creditors, the government and employees’ right and interests. Not to be violated by the company’s exit. UCC also ensured Ugandans and other investors local and foreign that it’s working hard to ensure that there is stability in operations

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