Nina Roz ft Serena Bata in a new Jam, “Gwantama.”

The billboard hit maker Nina Roz has brought in a jam Gwantama ft Serena Bata.The faded Akati maker Serena Bata featured in the Gwantama hit song

Kankunda Nina alias Nina Roz has been in a relationship with Ojambo Andre alias Daddy Andre.

In Gwantama, Nina reveals that Daddy Andre could change women like clothes, “Nze Owange olwatuka nga abakyala abakyusa bitya……

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In October 2020, singers Daddy Andre and Nina Roz made their relationship official. This happened when Daddy Andre went to Kukyala ceremony. This after didn’t last for so long to see the joy of marriage.

At the beginning of 2021, there were rumors that the new celebrity couple was about to split. This due to different issues including baggage from their past.

As of now, reports reveal that the two decided to take different paths on a mutual understanding. The two celebrities are no longer together and not even in the best terms.

There was reports that Nina Roz was taking her ex-husband to courts since her YouTube channel was blocked. She went ahead and explained that Daddy Andre had promised her to be popular. After the break up, he blocked her access to her YouTube channel which she says is against the law and that the law will decide.

Nina Roz is allegedly living alone now at another residence. This is far away from Andre who is also looking forward to moving on into another relationship.

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Gwantama by Nina Roz ft Serena Bata

Serena Bata

Serena Bata is now single and she reveals that she is not willing to start a new relationship with any one especially in the Music Industry. Her last relationship was with a music promoter known as Charles Olim alias Sipapa.

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Serena Bata

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They ended their relationship in 2020 and Serena vowed to leave relationship and focus know her music career.

Serena also reveals in the same song “Gwantama” that she is fade up with the relationship, she says “Nze omukwano gwantama Kati mpulila biwulile……….. “

She is one of the best local vocalists and singers but she has forever failed to settle in a lasting relationship.

The Akati hit maker and ex to sipapa often denies being battered by Sipapa and rather notes that she left the relationship because Sipapa had suffocated her music career.

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