Vampino escapes Jamaican Prison – Thanks For Bobi Wine.

Singer Elvis Kiirya alias Vampino has thanked God for being saved from Jamaican prison. Vampino after being incarcerated in prison alarmed for Ugandans’ help to help him jump from prison.

Firstly, Vampino had a music business trip to Jamaica. However, Vampino says that Jamaica doesn’t have a direct flight to Uganda. So instead they just locked him in jail as they help him leave their country.

NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine heard his scream and came to rescue. With the Jamaican authority, the President worked tooth and nail to make sure his fellow musician and Ugandan doesn’t rot in prison.

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In his own words, the smart wire singer went ahead and thanked Ugandans for showing their patriotic heart. This came after he was released from prison.

“Uganda my peeps help me and contact the embassy am locked in a Jamaican cell in Montego bay..munyambe…have no help here,” Vampino said.

After being released from prison, Vampino continued to post different messages narrating how he was arrested. In addition, he also showed us the situation with in the Jamaican jail from where he was incarcerated.

“I write this with tears of joy coming from my ug pipo I can’t thank u enough for being so patriotic and concerned of whats been happening. H.E Bobi Wine thanks alot brother…u indeed a people’s person.. u took time to find out where I am,” he posts on his facebook page.

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Vampino continues to narrate.

”Guys I reached at a point I lost hope in a room of seven guys with piss and shit next to where I put my head.. Nobody knew then what’s happening and they took all my belonging..the message I sent a guard was convinced by the jailed thugs some on murder charges,rape,gun cases,theft. They told him” help di African he is innocent”…that’s when I called u all out nga mpulila am at a dead end…My wife Lydia Namakula Swe and manager Kojja LuCha and Pejay Boaz thanks alot guys.”

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