Jose Chameleone claims he is still a NUP member.

Joseph Mayanja of the Mayanja family alias Dr. Jose Chameleone has left everyone confused when he claims he is still a member of National Unity Platform (NUP).

Firstly, Dr. Jose Chameleone assured Toyota that he has never left NRM. This was during the receiving of a brand new Range Rover.

He said, Am still NRM, not NUP. If you doubt it you can put on your cameras and record me,” My friend Toyota, I am still your family.”

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Dr. chameleone claims that NUP member treats him like trash. So according to reports coming on our news desk shows that the doctor himselft is still NUP.

This follows an interview he had with the local TV where he says, he hasn’t quit NUP yet.

“I am still thinking of whether to quit or not, He said.

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We are yet to hear what NUP will say about these claims. But we just argue you to keep in touch and we’ll bring you the whole story.

In conclusion, Jose chameleone is NUP, NRM, and DP.

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