Ziza Bafana Applauds His Boys For Beating TikToker Yiga

Ziza Bafana, self-proclaimed ‘Katonda wa Raggae,’ has denied beating abusive Tiktoker Yiga all over his face.

Yiga is known for abusing celebrities on TikTok, including Ziza Bafana, but things didn’t go so well for him this week.

The Tiktoker claims that Bafana and his boys beat him all over his face which Bafana denies.

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However, Bafana came out and denied beating him, claiming that he wasn’t even present at the time, but he applauded the boys who beat him up because he was worthy of punishment.

“I didn’t beat that TikToker but my boys did. He has been abusing me for some time and I hadn’t got hold of him. Boys like him deserve to be disciplined because of we don’t our generation will be rotten. Even other abusive boys will be punished am sure,” Ziza Bafana said.

Yiga is the second TikToker in three weeks to be arrested for abusing celebrities, following Dr. Cephco, who was arrested on the orders of presidential advisor Full Figure.

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