I can shake hands with over 10 non-believers and nothing happens to me – Pastor Wilson Bugembe Respond To Critics

Pastor Wilson Bugembe of Nansana-based Worship House Church has assured his critics that even if he shakes hands with ten or more non-believers, nothing will happen to him.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe responded to Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s claims that he did wrong by inviting secular artists to perform at his show at Hotel Africana in Kampala.

The statement was made in response to Bugingo’s question about why he knelt before local traditional healer Mama Fina, who gave him money while performing.

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He went on to invite all secular artists and traditional healers to visit his Church if they are not welcomed in other places of worship.

Pastor Bugembe added that his doors are open for such people to come through, as the Bible states.

“I can shake hands with over 10 non-believers and nothing happens to me. My God is way more powerful than any of those witches and my Jesus is love.

I am calling upon all the people from the secular world that if other Churches don’t like you, come to my church.

I felt pity hearing the “Born-Again” insulting the others.” Pastor Bugembe

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