Canary Mugume’s Wife, Sasha Ferguson Roasted By Social Media In-laws Over A Photo With Andrew Mwenda

Sasha Ferguson, Canary Mugume’s wife, has come under fire on social media for a photo she took with Andrew Mwenda. This photo went viral on social media because people thought it was a little compromising for a married woman. Many people raised their eyebrows when they saw Andrew Mwenda carrying Sasha so closely without any breathing space between them in this photo.

Mwenda was in the news a few weeks ago because people accused him of disrespecting Sheebah. Sheebah, the artist, had previously stated that she was disrespected by a very prominent person in the country while attending a party. Despite the fact that Sheebah had not mentioned a name, some people had already identified Mwenda as the person.

Unfortunately, the artist later came out and stated that it was not him. Some, however, insisted that they had probably threatened her. As a result, when they saw Mwenda and Sasha together, they expressed concern for Canary Mugume. However, Sasha did not appear to be forced into Mwenda’s arms in the photo, so we could conclude that it was merely a photograph.

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Meanwhile, Canary, Mwenda, and Sasha have remained silent about the photo as social media trolls them. Depending on what they want, it’s probably a good idea for them.

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