OS Suna Smashing Bus Dunia Remix a Sign of Music Maturity

OS Suna recently released the Bus Dunia video, that was a few months after he released actually the audio. Bus Dunia Remix is a child of Bus Dunia a song that was initially done by the late Herman Basudde.

The remix of Bus Dunia by OS Suna did not just stop at making the later Basudde resurrect in the souls of Ugandans that loved his music, but also proved how OS Suna still can pen great lyrics inside good lyrics.

He exhibited a great show when he related the song that was done more than 15 years ago, to the current challenges faced in our country. In the song, OS Suna is overheard asking the driver of the bus to kindly stop since the bus is already now worn out.

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In the same song, OS Suna asks the conductor of the bus to stop being rude and attend to the customers in the bus. This made the song one of the best Uganda has currently ion both lyrically and the vocal side from OS Suna who has proved that he still stands out vocally.

On the same note, Bus Dunia song video was shot by Simon SPK who never left any stone unturned. He singlehandedly managed to pull out all the useful shot, included Basudde’s  resting house, the late’s family. On the same script, OS Suna is allowed to pull the emotional part of losing the great artiste Basudde.

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