Midland High School Denies Students Who Were Filmed Enjoying Themselves In The Bus

Midland High School Kawempe has issued a strong statement in response to an incident in which the school’s bus was filmed stuck in traffic while female students on board twerked on the laps of their male counterparts.

A viral video shot by bystanders shows a Midland High School school bus stuck in traffic. However, a couple of female students can be seen dancing atop their male counterparts, with all parties enjoying both the act and the fact that the bus is temporarily stuck, extending the journey.

The students are said to have been on their way to the Jinja agricultural show on Friday when they decided to put on a show for the onlookers.

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The video caused quite a stir, with various social media users calling for an internal review of the school’s discipline and rule enforcement.

However, Midland High School administration has publicly distanced itself from the students and their actions. The school claims that their only fault is that they own the bus.

“These were not students of our school,” FX Kyasa, the principal, denied the allegations.

He also posted a Shs1m receipt from Lubiri High School in Mengo for the use of their school bus for the Jinja trip.

“Midland High School is built on a very strong Christian foundation and strongly condemns the behaviours of this kind. We very rigorously control our learning environment to ensure behaviours of this kind do not thrive,” Kyasa denounced

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