Winnie Nwagi Reassures Her Fans About Her Show As Azawi’s Concert Nears

Winnie Nwagi says she is not surprised by people’s questions about why Swangz Avenue is organizing a concert for Azawi before her.

Swangz Avenue announced Azawi’s first concert on July 22, 2022, more than a week ago.

The “Azawi African Music Concert” will be held at the Lugogo Grounds, and preparations are underway for a spectacular performance.

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Following the announcement, several critics questioned why Swangz chose to hold a concert for Azawi ahead of Nwagi.

Netizens questioned how an artiste who has only been with Swangz for about three years can hold her concert before Nwagi, who has been there for over five years.

Others wondered if Nwagi was being deliberately sidelined by her label, similar to her ex-labelmate Irene Ntale, who had to leave the label before holding her first concert.

On Thursday evening’s NBS TV Amasengejje Extra, the curvaceous Nwagi stated that she was not surprised by people’s reactions.

She, on the other hand, asked them to support Azawi because it is her time to shine and she, too, is patiently awaiting her turn to stage her concert.

I expected it. I expected many people to comment on it that way. But Azawi is Azawi, and Winnie Nwagi is Winnie Nwagi. These are two different artists.

Azawi is ready now, it’s her time and we’ll support her. I am also ready but it’s just not my time yet. When my time comes, I will also have my concert.

Winnie Nwagi

Azawi‘s show will be the first by a Swangz Avenue artist, as Vinka has yet to hold one. By far the fastest rise to fame of the three has been the African Music singer.

There were rumors that Nwagi would hold a concert before Covid-19 arrived in the country. It was, however, postponed.

It is still expected that Winnie Nwagi will perform before the end of the year. We’ll have to wait and see how things progress.

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