Vinka Defends Her Husband On Claims That He Chewed Sheilah Gashumba

Swangz Avenue singer Veronica Lugya aka Vinka lost her cool and nearly assaulted a BBS TV presenter who asked if her husband elly Witta chewed Sheila Gashumba’s sumbie.

Sheila’s ex-boyfriend God’s Plan recently displayed a list of men sheila slept with, which included Vinka’s husband Nelly and Sheila.

Vinka responded to the question by telling the presenter that she was not supposed to attend and answer questions, and that it was not her drama to address.

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She claims she wants to be known for her good music rather than her boyfriend’s name.

Vinka’s responses, however, did not impress the interviewer, who continued to press her for her opinion on her husband’s romance with Sheila.

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