Spice Diana Shows Off Her Water To Faridah Nakazibwe And Anne Kansiime | Video

Comedian Anne Kansiime and TV presenter Faridah Nakazibwe begged musician Spice Diana to pour some water live on camera to prove she wasn’t dry in bed. Here’s a link to the video:

The drama continued as Chipper Cash ambassadors Spice Diana, Nakazibwe, and Anne Kansiime discussed their first meeting.

While Spice was getting her make-up done, Anne and Faridah pinned Spice Diana and asked if she had any water.

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Spice pretended not to understand what they were asking as she took out her Yachet water bottle. She was told, however, that they were referring to natural water that generates hydroelectricity.

Spice continued to act stupid, but Faridah explained that Kilembe mines water, and it is this water that causes you to lose control and causes mushrooms to grow large.

Spice Diana, Faridah And Kansiime on set

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