Zahara Totto And Zari Hassan Finally Reunites After Years Of Enmity

It’s been over three years since NBS TV presenter Zahara Nalumansi aka Zahara Totto and South African-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan had a heated argument.

The two adults engaged in a bitter war that lasted days and saw them send hurtful words to each other.

It all started when Zahara Totto revealed on her NBS uncut show that Zari Hassan had collapsed during a concert at the Pearl of Africa hotel. Zahara Totto claimed that the show, which was headlined by Nigerian singer Davido and hosted by Zari, went smoothly until Zari’s late husband’s friends refused to move from a seat she had reserved for Davido and she collapsed in an attempt to force them out.

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Zari, who has always been a topic of discussion on most East African televisions, radios, and blogs, refuted Totto’s allegations and advised her to focus on losing weight and bleaching her skin.

“Zahara Toto funa ku class, Sala ku kibuto. Fikisinga ne kala ezo ebili zolina. And oh, stop feeding people with lies about me. I don’t need your mention. Am already relevant,” she wrote on Instagram.

The media personalities had been enemies since then, but they reconciled and became friends last night.

Totto’s social media posts show her tightly hugging The Boss Lady while they laughed loudly as good friends.

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Congratulations to both of you.

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