How The Silent Comedy Show For Okello Okello Held At National Theater Went

On Friday, comedian Okello Okello took a risk by staging the “Silent Comedy show,” which sold out at National Theater.

Since we were allowed to be outside, artists have been scrambling to make sure they recover from all of the debts incurred in 2020 and 2021. Okello Okello was one of the wise artists who took a risk to ensure the return of his Silent Comedy show as soon as possible.

Okello Okello had begun to build a loyal following for his silent Comedy show before the world came to a halt. The silent Comedy Show introduced a new way for audience members to enjoy comedy by wearing headsets that simulate the outdoor atmosphere of a silent disco.

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As the crowds grew, the last edition was held at Theatre Labonita but the return show was held at National Theater.

The heavy rain on Friday evening, on the other hand, may have worried Okello Okello because only a few people had arrived for the show by 7 p.m.

By 8 p.m., the theatre was filling up. Some revelers even choosing to sit in crowds to ensure they didn’t miss out on the action.

The Silent Comedy Show is a family-friendly show featuring clean content from everyone who performed that night.

Okello Okello, the night’s host, kicked off the performances, and, unsurprisingly, the majority of the content was from the lockdown – and very catchy.

The night’s performers included Gulu’s Kash Owakabi, Optional Allan, Davis Ntambazi (with a violin), Cotilda, Dr Hillary, and Napoleon Ehmah.

The best cheers of the night went to Optional Allan and Dr Hillary, who delivered flawlessly.

Davis’ violin also kept the National Theatre warm on a cold night.

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In April, the quarterly show will return with a new experience.

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