Did Don Zella Lie About Her Husband’s Death For Money? Truth Here

Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella, a Facebook blogger and socialite, reported that her husband James Matthew died at Abu Dhabi Al Rahba Hospital in early February 2022.

James had been on oxygen for two weeks after a fight with Covid 19.

Don Zella did not reveal the cause of Matthew’s death, but many speculated that he died as a result of Covid-19.

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Don included her contacts and directed people to use them to send her condolences while announcing his death to her fans and friends on social media. This drew criticism from critics who claimed she was exploiting her husband’s death to beg for money.

Jose Da Blogger, a Facebook blogger, revealed yesterday morning that Matthew’s contact is still being processed, and that after contacting him, he stated that he is no longer in danger.

“I’m getting better,” he replied to a friend who was concerned about his health, according to a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation purported to be his.

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